This is our about page – welcome to Booknized Bookstore. Ours is to make your reading journey absolutely beautiful and amazing.

You will learn more about us – when and how we started – our book’s journey, what we have in store for you, and much more.

Booknized is your number one online bookstore in Kenya, East Africa, and Africa at Large. We started off in 2011 and still going strong.

Well, you may be asking yourself what Booknized stands for – as the word digitized means truly digital, ours also affirms that we are deep into books.

Digi – tized and Book – nized… Hope you have gotten it now.

Booknized Bookstore Journey

Our journey began in 2011 – a friend gifted me a small box containing books and the rest is history – we have been around since then and spreading books love more than ever.

We operated under a different brand name and thought it was wise to rebrand and make it even better.

Between late 2011 and late 2014, we had a small shop at Ruaka – My elder sister did help me get books by sending them to me from the United States.

However, by the end of 2014, the business went under and we made a decision to move location and try our luck.

In 2015, we owned a bookstand opposite Uchumi House along aga khan walk in Nairobi – but due to unavoidable circumstances, we had to close down in early 2016.

We then took a break and came back again in 2019 – started by doing social media and did a blog under our old name.

Covid struck and business was heavily affected – we kept pushing and in May 2022 decided to rebrand and do a new website to try our luck.

So far so good – we are now fully focused to serve you even better…

Booknized Bookstore Mission

Our mission is to make books available to you when you indeed need them.

And yes, making them affordable to you as well.


Our vision is to have several bookstores in Kenya and Africa at large.

We would like to bring books closer to you so that you have no excuse not to read.


We currently have a branch in Ruaka – however, we could be moving soon – we shall notify you about the move promptly.

We are among the best online bookstores in Kenya. Kindly let us sort all your reading and books related issues.

Kindly visit our contact page to have a talk with us. Kindly share your thoughts with us and be assured of a prompt response.