Gifted Hands Summary

Gifted Hands Summary. This amazing book by Ben Carson, M.D., is a great and inspiring story of a great man.

As an inner-city kid with poor grades and little motivation, Ben was not as privileged but made major medical milestones.

However, at age thirty-three, he becomes the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Gifted Hands will transplace you into the operating room to witness surgeries that made headlines around the world.

In addition, the book will share with you the private mind of a compassionate, God-fearing physician who lives to help others.

In 1987, Dr. Carson gained worldwide recognition for his part in the first successful separation of Siamese twins joined at the back of the head.

This was an extremely complex and delicate operation.

It took five months of planning and twenty-two hours of actual surgery, involving a surgical plan that Carson helped initiate.

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson reveals a man with humility, decency, compassion, courage, and sensitivity who serves as a role model for young people.

And yes, everyone else is in need of encouragement to attempt the seemingly impossible and to excel in whatever they attempt.

Dr. Carson also describes the key role that his highly intelligent though relatively uneducated mother played in his metamorphosis.

This is from an unmotivated ghetto youngster into one of the most respected neurosurgeons in the world. 

Carson pioneered again a rare procedure known as a hemispherectomy, giving children without hope a second chance at life.

He did this through a daring operation in which he literally removes one-half of their brain.

Such breakthroughs aren’t unusual for Ben Carson. He has been beating the odds since he was a child.

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson – Who is this book for?

Raised in inner-city Detroit by a mother with a third-grade education, Ben lacked motivation.

He had terrible grades. And a pathological temper threatened to put him in jail.

But Sonya Carson convinced her son he could make something of his life, even though everything around him said otherwise.

Trust in God, a relentless belief in his own capabilities, and sheer determination catapulted Ben.

He transformed from failing grades to the directorship of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

If you are reading this and feel unmotivated, this book is for you. You need to pick it up read and get motivated.

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