Lord, I Wish My Husband Would Pray With Me Summary

Lord, I Wish My Husband Would Pray With Me Summary.

Breaking Down the Spiritual Walls Between You and Your Husband.

By Larry Keefauver.

Florida. Creation House Published. 1998 {Review by Geoff Watson}

Despite its title, this is really a book about spiritual warfare. If you have been married for any length of time, you will have noticed the difficulties in communication and in resolving conflicts. These are the matters that work against us being intimate with one another in our spiritual lives. While on the surface it may feel like we are doing the right thing by simply keeping our own spiritual life in order, Keefauver disagrees. If there are walls building in our relationship such that we cannot pray together, then we need to be taking steps to heal our relationship.

What does the book teach?

The heart of the book addresses breaking down the spiritual walls of unfulfilled expectations, unimplemented plans, unkept promises, unmet needs, unprized gifts, unrecognized sacrifices, unhealed hurts, unresolved anger, unrepented offenses, and a whole lot more!

What, you are tempted to say? My marriage may not be what it ought to be. But, it’s not that bad! Unfortunately, even though Larry Keefauver helped many marriages, his own marriage ran aground through making promises he simply did not keep. He shares his own journey to wholeness in these pages, as well as gives you suggested plans of action and prayers to pray to rejuvenate your lives together.

Lord, I Wish My Husband Would Pray with Me. Is this book for me?

Lord, I Wish My Husband Would Pray with Me is a book that all couples should read and put into practice the teachings therein.

This is a practical book of spiritual engagement for couples to draw together in their relationship, finding greater levels of intimacy that we did not even know were available.

Finally, though the heading may suggest it is for wives only, let me tell you I have taken up the book, prayed some of the prayers, and prayed for my own marriage with renewed vigor. If a pastor neglected his wife through plain busyness, what makes me think I am squeaky clean? This is a book for EVERY couple to read, and if you read it together and open your hearts to one another and pray the prayers that you need, your marriage will likely go to levels of intimacy that you have only dreamt of.

My strong encouragement to all is: Read it. But read it slowly. And do the work. Did I say do the work? Humble yourselves before God and one another. This is the way forward to grow into maturity together.

Marriage is sacred before God and man as well. For this reason, we should always take it with the seriousness that it deserves.

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