Marriage Takes More than Love Summary

Marriage Takes More than Love Book Summary. Book by Jack and Carole Mayhall Book. (The USA. Navpress.1978) | Review by Geoff Watson.

Those who are familiar with the ministry of Howard Hendricks will need no further encouragement to take up this book and read it.

This is strengthened by the fact that he wrote the foreword for this book.

In his foreword, Dr. Hendricks has this to say: “All marriages have strengths and weaknesses

All marriages are dynamic or they are deteriorating. The husband-wife combo must either progress or perish.”

So the aim of the authors is to survey marriage, and highlight both what Christian marriage is, and the skills needed to build a successful marriage.

In Marriage Takes More Than Love book, you will get a huge chunk of helpful information.

Whether you dip into Section 1 to Section 7, the one thread that is common to all sections is our responsibility to choose.

If the reader who simply skims the contents of this book will grasp that Marriage is a choice, and all aspects of fulfilling promises to your mate are built on daily choices, the book will indeed help.

But oh! the blessings to the couple that read chapter by chapter together, and use the content to deepen their understanding of marriage with one another.

Although it is not set out as a devotional, it certainly could be treated as such.

Which couple does not have problems with communication, personal adjustments to the other, listening, and conflict resolution?

And yes, aspects of the physical relationship are included in this seasoned and practical book.

In each section of the book, Jack and Carole write on a particular aspect of the subject from their own point of view.

That is, it’s written by a married couple for married couples

In attempting to give my marriage the lease of life it needs, I have been enriched and equipped.

Well, to marvel at the simplicity and complexities of putting the needs of my mate in a priority position.

Marriage Takes More Than Love Book is for

There are some things that simply don’t go out of date, and this is one.

I heartily recommend this book to;

  • The newly married,
  • The married couple that – needs a refreshing stimulus to their marriage, and
  • The marriage getting bogged down by various issues.

Take up and read. I believe you’ll be glad you did.

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