The 5 am Club Summary

The 5 am Club Summary – learn how to manage your time from morning till you nap in this great book of all times.

The 5 AM club book was written by world-known author Robin Sharma and published on 16th November 2018. It is a favorite book for many.

He introduced the 5 AM Club concept over 20 years ago and this has helped so many individuals realize some vital and important life concepts.

This, in turn, has brought about a new crop of individuals, business magnates, and leaders that follow a certain morning routine.

Well, this routine has helped them;

  • Work on and maximize their productivity
  • Activate and observe their best health
  • Bulletproof and guard their serenity

Written over a 4 year period, the 5 AM club book will help you discover the early-rising habit that has helped so many people accomplish so much.

You will achieve;

  • Happiness
  • Serenity
  • Aliveness

The story behind this amazing book is about two strangers who meet a tycoon.

Furthermore, the story of the two struggling strangers talks about how the tycoon becomes their secret mentor.

The 5 AM Club Summary and Book Takeaways

If you have not read this book, kindly make it a point of reading it before the end of this month.

The 5 AM Club Book will take you through the following very powerful lessons;

  • How business magnates, the wise, and geniuses start their mornings and achieve maximum productivity.
  • A peculiar formula that you can use and apply to wake up feeling energetic, refreshed, inspired, focused, and ready to achieve the most each day.
  • You will get a detailed and comprehensive method to guide you in making the most of your daybreak hours in order to create time for self-renewal, exercise, and personal growth.
  • A neuro-science-based practice that has proven effective and will help you wake up before others giving you ample time to think, be creative, and begin your day peacefully without being rushed.
  • A well-crafted and expounded tactic that will help you defend your dreams, gifts, and talents against digital distractions
  • A well-put method to help you overcome trivial distractions so that you enjoy your influence, fortune, and positive impact on the world.

Is The 5 AM Club Book for me?

Well, This book is mastery. I would urge anyone who values their morning and life in general not only to read but, apply what is therein.

In addition, I would say this is an age-appropriate book for students. Make sure you add this book to your reading bucket list.

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