The Fault in Our Stars Summary

This is “The Fault in Our Stars Summary” The book is by John Green and this Summary has been written with love by Jean Mwaniki.

The Fault in our stars is a novel by John Green about two teenagers who are suffering from Cancer.

They meet in extraordinary circumstances and fall in love.

The two share their time; they read their favorite books and hang out most of the time.

The title of this novel is inspired by Julius Caesar, a play by William Shakespeare in Act 1 Scene 2 where one of the characters; Cassius explains to Brutus that the fault is not in our stars but our selves.

John Green uses the life of Hazel and Augustus to illustrate how we should not live our lives faulting others for our hardships.

But, we should instead embrace hardships to make us braver and stronger.

The novel is the 6th piece of work by John Green and it was published on January 10th, 2012.

The protagonist, Hazel Grace, cannot remember living her life devoid of cancer. She is suffering from Thyroid cancer and she is aware that the disease has no cure.

Hazel almost gives up on her life, though nobody knows how long she has to live.

She spends most time alone and indoors, which makes her mother believe that she is depressed.

As a result, her mother pushes her into attending support group sessions to make her socialize with people who understand what she is going through.

It is through the support group that Hazel meets the love of her life, Augustus.

The Fault in Our Stars Summary and Story-Line

Augustus seems to be doing very well health-wise and even shares in the Support group.

He attends the sessions to show support to his friend Isaac who is seemingly having a rough time with his eye cancer situation.

Augustus gets attracted to Hazel from the moment he lays his eyes on her and cannot help but keep staring at her.

The two become close friends and fall in love as they share their moments each day together.

Augustus reads Hazel her favorite book though it is incomplete.

The storyline of the book is about a young girl suffering from cancer.

Curiosity drives the love birds to Amsterdam in search of the author to get to know how the story ends.

The journey turns out to be futile since the author is uncooperative and rude to the youngsters.

While in Amsterdam Augustus gets a health emergency and is rushed for chemotherapy.

Dark days loom Hazel’s life since Augustus dies a few days after chemo.

Hazel later discovers that her boyfriend left her a letter and the book ends as she reads the letter.

The author uses the first-person narrative through the voice of the protagonist, Hazel.

This helps the readers to relate to the story while making them understand the thoughts and feelings of the author.

It is through the first-person narrative that the author can put in elements of humor, especially in the conversations between Augustus and Hazel.

Cancer in this novel has been used to bring out the theme of death.

And well, John Green seems to be sailing the idea that death should not be feared because all people shall eventually die one day.

Instead, people should focus on living their lives to the fullest of their ability.

In Conclusion

Patrick, who is the leader of the support group, teaches the members to desire to accept the things they cannot change.

This is another lesson that John Green is passing across to the readers.

It is paramount to accept things that we cannot change to be able to live in peace.

I love how the author develops a love story between two teenagers yet packs it with wisdom that can help people go through their hard times.

He uses simple language and allows the story to flow smoothly without any complicated words or ideas.

The author’s choice of using a few characters allows the reader an opportunity to follow through with the story without getting confused.

The only element I did not like about the novel is the fact that there are no details given about the parents of Hazel and Augustus.

This leaves the reader wondering why such youngsters are left to go through their struggles alone. It is for this reason that I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I recommend The Fault in Our Stars to anyone who has strong faith in love and can go against all odds to fight for it.

It is also a good read for those who are going through hardships and feel that all hope is lost.

This book will help them see the power of being courageous and fighting through hardships. The book was adapted into a movie and did so well.

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