The Secret Language of the Heart Summary

In The Secret Language of the Heart, award-winning producer, and composer Barry Goldstein shares how every one of us–the musical and non-musical alike–can harness the power of music to alleviate specific illnesses, reverse negative mindsets and attitudes, dissolve creative blocks, and improve overall health.

Backed up by the latest scientific research on the benefits of sound, music, and vibration, this book offers practical, concrete instructions for healing that can be tailored to suit your individual preferences and needs, including how to:

Nurture your creativity, mindfulness, and productivity by creating customized playlists to suit your situation and mood.

Your favorite song of the moment is more important than you realize!

Use musical stress blasters to ease challenging situations.

Find peace and serenity with the Heart Song Breathing Process.

Chant to transform and elevate the heart and mind.

Goldstein presents step-by-step guidance–as well as dozens of song recommendations along the way–to help you create a new music routine that will heal, energize, and inspire.

He also shares vivid stories of his own transformation through music, as well as the life-changing effects music has had on his clients.

Whether you want to alleviate stress, become more in tune with what you really want, activate your heart’s intelligence, or simply have your best day every day, using music and sound with intention is key–let this book shows you the tools to build a simple musical practice that will transform your life.

The Secret Language of the Heart Lessons

Below are the lessons, themes, and concepts of “The Secret Language of the Heart” book.

The Power of Music

The book highlights the profound impact music can have on our emotions, well-being, and relationships.

It delves into the idea that music is more than just entertainment but a universal language that can speak to our hearts and souls.

Healing Through Music

Goldstein explores how music can be used as a therapeutic tool to promote healing, reduce stress, and improve overall health.

The book discusses various techniques and practices that leverage the healing power of music.

The Heart’s Connection to Music

“The Secret Language of the Heart” explores the intricate relationship between music and the human heart.

It delves into how music resonates with our emotions, influences our moods, and touches our deepest desires and aspirations.

Music and Spirituality

The book delves into the spiritual aspects of music and how it can be a channel for connecting with higher consciousness, promoting spiritual growth, and fostering a sense of unity and transcendence.

Creating Personal Playlists

Goldstein emphasizes the importance of creating personal playlists that are tailored to individual preferences, needs, and goals.

He provides insights into how specific types of music can evoke different emotions and states of mind.


Overall, “The Secret Language of the Heart” explores the emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of music.

It presents ideas and perspectives on how music can be harnessed to enrich our lives, enhance our well-being, and deepen our connections with ourselves and others.

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